Saturday, February 13, 2010

Viscera (work in progress)

I stopped using watercolours in my early teens because of what I perceived as their anaemic, watery lack of impact; so its only proper that I return to watercolours in order to paint guts.
(opinions welcome on which rotation you prefer.)


Mary said...

I like the original version and it takes guts to paint guts! I thought they were life drawings, and like either orientation! Very nice watercolour technique, not at all anemic!

Ciaran.L said...

Thanks a million Mary!
I suppose it doesn't have to be guts, because I started by just drawing organic shapes; parts of it could equally be flower petals, limbs, whatever you want.

Sarah Bowie said...

really beautiful. Reminds me a little of Georgia O'Keeffe's up-close flower studies.

James Moone said...

They are beautiful, lovely work Ciaran.